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Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia reserves the right to nuclear armament if Iran becomes a nuclear power

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The Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs – Adel Al-Jubeir – said that his country reserves the right to arm itself with nuclear weapons if Iran cannot make those weapons.

“It is definitely an option,” Al-Jubeir added in an interview with the German news agency, noting that if Iran becomes a nuclear power, more countries will follow suit.

“Saudi Arabia has made clear that it will do its utmost to protect its people and protect its lands,” he said.

He said he believed “the Iranians only responded to the pressure.”

And about the changes that might come under US President-elect Joe Biden, he said, “We must-see.”

Iran has been working for decades on nuclear energy use, and in 2015 it signed a nuclear agreement with world powers to stop developing a nuclear bomb in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

But US President Donald Trump took his country out of the agreement and made it on the brink of failure. His administration wants a long-term program and an end to Iranian regional interference, a position that Saudi Arabia supports.

Source: Al Jazeera + German

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