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A man keeps a tiger’s body in the refrigerator, and the reason is strange

Vietnamese police in Ho Chi Minh City arrested a man who stored a tiger body, a rare Indian-Chinese tiger, soaked in wine, according to Vietnamese media.

In the details cited by several press reports, the police have arrested Lee Hai Tho, 28, for violating the endangered and rare animal protection regulations, according to a press statement announced by the police.

The police stated that there was a relationship between Tho and a gang working in smuggling wild animals, and as a result, they raided his home.

Police said that in the man’s house they found the tiger’s body, along with a stuffed tiger’s head and a stuffed bear’s head. Some Vietnamese believe that drinking soaked wine with tigers works to strengthen their health.

The body of a tiger in the refrigerator

Vietnam prohibits all activities related to trafficking in wildlife, and the manufacture or use of fireworks, Vietnam is a hotbed of trafficking in wild animals, and dozens of cases of animal smuggling are recorded every year, and over 200 tiger tigers have been confiscated from smugglers in the country since 2000.

Ventum signed commitments to protect tiger species and the prey that feed on them during the World Tiger Forum held in St. Petersburg last year.

And the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chuan Phuc had agreed to a request by environmental stakeholders to implement steps to stop the illegal trade of wild animals, because of fears of this trade spreading the mutated Coronavirus (COVID-19), according to official media and a non-governmental organization to preserve The environment.

Although the trade is illegal, markets selling wild animals such as rare birds, monkeys, and tiger bones are still operating in Vietnam.

Many scientists believe that the Coronavirus was initially transmitted to humans from a Chinese bat market in Wuhan, where large numbers of live animals are sold.

According to media reports, Fook asked the Ministry of Agriculture to quickly draw up a set of guidelines and submit them for study before April 1, and it is noteworthy that there are currently 30 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Vietnam.

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