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Wealthy people who abused cosmetic surgery

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Who has never thought for a single moment of doing a little superficial cosmetic surgery, hiding a small defect, camouflaging the signs of aging, or reviving natural beauty? Come on, admit, you’ve already thought about it one day, that’s normal. On the other hand, what is not is to fall into addiction to the point of becoming a prisoner of cosmetic surgery totally.

Be careful; the people you are going to see today are not victims of mutinies or barbaric acts; they are sane people (or maybe not quite) who have decided to make some small changes in their bodies. Unfortunately, they could not get rid of this addiction, and it ultimately backfired. Here are 9 rich people who turned plastic!

Thalia Almodovar.

Who has never dreamed of having the perfect Kim Kardashian body? Well, Thalia Almodovar dreamed of it and did everything to make her dream come true … or rather a real nightmare! Look!

Thalia Almodovar was basically a little boy, except that she didn’t feel good in this body. And as a teenager, she wanted to change sex to become a woman until she was fine! She spent nearly 96,000 euros on this.

And yes, 96,000 euros!
And like many of us, she then fell in love with Kim Kardashian and wanted to become her official double, already predisposed to be like her by nature.

Source: posta

And since she was not close, the young woman of 28 years added the modest sum of 27,000 euros to achieve her ends, and perfect the resemblance.

So she had buttock and breast implants inserted. And if today the vague resemblance cannot be denied, it is not very strong on the heart side.

Young Thalia confides that her celibacy is because the men who approach her are drawn only to the resemblance she has to Kim Kardashian and that they do not really seek to know her! Yes, bah, that, it was still necessary to think about it well before!

Vinny has abused cosmetic surgery too much.

If you’ve ever been told you look like an alien, it must have been to tease you. But as far as Vinny is concerned, if we told him it was because it was true!

Vinny is a 22-year-old young man who lives in Los Angeles and devotes all his time and money to modify his body, not become a model, or even a photo model. His dream is to look like an alien, a Martian, an alien…!

Unrecognizable and scary.

And even if this story seems to you just come out of the Star Wars saga, the facts have happened on planet Earth. Vinny, this professional makeup artist, seems to have a vivid imagination, having already spent $ 50,000 on his 110 operations.

Namely, among others, two rhinoplasties, a labiaplasty, an intervention on the cheeks, a filling of the bones of the eyebrows…. all that to become a being without gender, neither man nor woman, you see a little the kind?

And that’s not all; the 22-year-old Californian has another specific purpose in life, to have his genitals removed, including navels and nipples, and to live the rest of his life without sex. Hopefully, by then, he will come to his senses and put an end to his madness.

And speaking of spirit, you must keep your own because you will need it to answer the following question: what do you call someone born with two different sexes? Think about it while waiting for the end of the video to know the answer!

Jackie Stallone.

Source: dailymail.

If Sylvester Stallone is a legendary character, it could be said that his mother is even more so! At the height of his 97 years, Jackie Stallone has not finished showing us all colors and shapes too!

A great lover of cosmetic surgery, Jackie Stallone is well known for her multiple cosmetic procedures performed in excess. She confessed in a 2013 interview that she had done too much to the point of looking like a squirrel.

Source: scmp

And it came out of his own mouth! But that didn’t seem to dissuade her from continuing to torture herself. A drawn face, swollen features, and distorted lips clearly show his categorical refusal to age. Today, this dynamic granny is almost unrecognizable!

Jocelyne Wildenstein transformed into an elastic doll.

Source: star mag.

She is nicknamed the Cat Woman, and you may have guessed why she was given this nickname. Jocelyne Wildenstein was also unable to ease off the surgeries to the point of having her whole face redone, resulting in a completely disfigured woman today.

Excessively prominent lips, slanted and sunken eyes, overly protruding cheekbones, abnormally largemouth, and eyelids pulled too out! The surgeons must have had a blast!

Source: news-and-discoveries

You’d think she spent more time lying on the pool table than on her own bed! We can say that Jocelyne Wildenstein did everything to end up looking like a cat in terms of cosmetic surgery! But was cat really worth it?

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