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The woman with the biggest mouth in the world goes viral on TikTok

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Samantha Ramsdell, a singer, actress, and actress has become a real phenomenon on social networks. However, it wasn’t her artistic qualities that made her successful, but rather her mouth.

Claiming to have “the biggest mouth in the world,” the United States woman has piqued millions of people’s curiosity. Thanks to the content she shares in particular on TikTok, the thirty-something has become a real celebrity.

An enormous mouth, which is the pride of women.

Everyone has something special. And for Samantha Rumsdale, it’s her big mouth that sets her apart. In fact, it is 8.89 cm wide and about 10.16 cm high, which are huge measurements to be proud of.

Thus, the woman, a commercial and an actress, opened her TikTok account, amassing more than 800,000 followers in just six months. Likewise, some of his videos that went viral have surpassed 50 million views. However, Samantha sees the future.

One goal: to hold the Guinness record.

Indeed, her goal is to officially win the woman’s title with the biggest mouth in the world. From then on, she applied to Guinness World Records, the record for this category currently being 9.52 centimeters from upper incisors to lower incisors, as Samantha protrudes with her 10.16 cm.

Samantha explains the perks of having a huge mouth.

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With the largest mouth in the world, Samantha Ramsdell can thus boast of eating a large-format sandwich without too much difficulty. She even claims it can swallow it all in just two bites. Also, many curious Internet users regularly question the young woman about how she eats certain foods.

Also, a singer, Samantha believest, that her mouth is responsible for her “beautiful” voice. In fact, she notes that great singers like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Fantasia Barrino, and Alanis Morrissette all have big mouths.

Hurtful criticism from internet users.

However, despite her positive side, the woman admits to facing some criticism regarding her big mouth. Remarks that annoyed her at first but which she managed to ignore. And it must be said that women have every reason not to dwell on these negativities.

A mouth that has become lucrative on TikTok.

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Today, the comedian and actress rub her hands well with her mouth that has become a source of laughter. “I started to gain popularity because of the lockdown; I did a lot of funny videos and sung skits,” Samantha said. “But any video that involves my mouth has always gone viral,” the woman added.

And this popularity is very lucrative, according to Samantha Ramsdell, especially on TikTok. Indeed, according to her, she is well paid by the social network up to 0.3 cents per 1,000 views. With her videos generating more than 50 million views, this constitutes a significant financial windfall for her.

Samantha Ramsdell: “all press is good.”

However, she admits that she wished she had been famous for her talents as a singer and actor. However, given the scale that things have taken today, it seems to turn this frustration period. As she says, “all press is good.”

Samantha Ramsdell, thanks to her huge mouth, has become a real celebrity on social networks. The woman also intends to take advantage of her moment of glory, despite the criticisms and negative remarks.



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