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Because I am a Muslim .. a Muslim activist was arrested and expelled from an American plane

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Activist Amani Al-Khatatba, the founder of the Muslim Girl website, was arrested and expelled from a US Airways plane in New Jersey, for allegedly not responding to the instructions, which sparked outrage on the communication sites.

According to Amani, the former congressional candidate recounted in a series of tweets to her on Twitter; she was expelled and detained for 4 hours because one of the first-class passengers did not accept her presence plane.

About the experience, which she described as “the craziest,” Amani said, “a white man was standing behind me insisting on exceeding my role in the line because I was still taking off my shoes to be examined in front of the monitor.”

She added that she asked him to wait like the rest, so he started talking about how to pre-check, class and first, then put his things in front of their things and hurriedly pass through the inspection machine, without the security personnel interfering.

Amani criticized the members of the Transportation Security Administration, who not only prevented him from bypassing it but rather one of them asked her to stop speaking, indicating that she would have been arrested if she, as a Muslim, did that.


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Amani published a video clip of the airline’s director trying to get her off the plane and commented, “He climbed up to tell me that they are getting off my flight because there is a passenger on the plane who does not feel comfortable with me.”

For its part, the airline responded to a tweet saying, “Your comments are important to us, and we would like to consider this matter. Please send your complaint and what happened in a message via the account.”

The Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, also asked the company to clarify its position.

Several interactions emerged about the incident by Muslim and American singers, who demanded the company explain the situation, which carries a racist background against the Muslim activist, stressing their rejection of discrimination.


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