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Apple clarifies the truth about the problem of the new Mac system

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Apple released a statement explaining the nature of the problem that some Mac users faced with releasing the new “macOS Big Sur” system, especially with old Apple devices.

According to the company’s support forums, many Mac Pro computer users released in 2013 and 2014 reported a black screen to update to macOS Big Sur.

The company advised users to keep a backup copy of their systems and important files before updating, and in case they encounter problems while trying to install the new version.

The new Apple MacBook Pro - APPLE

“Apple” said that the problem is that the new operating system with the “gatekeeper” feature, which makes sure that every application that the user loads on his device, is really an original application and not malware trying to circumvent the system, so the problem occurred when the feature failed to confirm. From the trust certificate inside the app, thus it is blocked from running.

Security concerns

Some users indicated their fear that “Apple” monitors the applications they install and the rate of use of each application. They consider this a clear violation of their privacy. Still, the statement confirmed that the company “does not incorporate the data that (the gatekeeper) comes up with regarding the data on the user’s device and his ID, With information explaining how to use the hardware and software installed on it.

Apple logo on the entrance to a store in New York - October 16, 2019 - REUTERS

The company decided to no longer store users’ computers’ identification numbers when they connect to the Internet (IP address). It will not store the Apple ID or user profiles.

The company promised that it would take more security measures to maintain users’ safety and their data privacy next year.

Old devices

Many users of old Mac computers, especially MacBooks, versions of 2013 and 2014, said through the official Apple forum that the new version of the operating system causes devices to malfunction during its installation.

Also, all the modes that device owners try to use to install the new system are unusable, and the user is in an unenviable position in front of his device’s screen that displays a black static image.

Some users contacted Apple’s technical support service and were told that they had to book an appointment to check their devices in the company’s branches. Others were told that the company is aware of the problem and is working on its analysis to reach a definitive solution.

macOS Big Sur

Last week, the American Apple Group announced the release of the latest version of the “Mac OS Big Sur” intended to run its desktop and laptop computers, after it revealed the new update last June.

She said in a statement that the new version comes alongside the company’s release of the new MacBook and Mac mini devices, which include an M1 chip, the first internally designed by the company, which promises greatly improved performance.

“Apple” added that the new system is more consistent with the design of “iPhones” and “iPads” devices, and it gives updates to several integrated applications, including messages and maps.

The company also advised users to keep a backup copy of their important systems and files before updating. In case they encounter problems while trying to install the new version.

The company indicated that the new version’s download would be available through the “Mac App Store”. It will.” appear like any other application, where users can download the installation program. The computer guides them to the new update procedures.



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