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Virgin Hyperloop is transporting 2 passengers through the tube quickly. Creates history

Virgin Hyperloop is transporting 2 passengers through the tube quickly. Creates history

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Two people traveled on board a Hyperloop capsule for the first time. A key step in the development of the subsonic train promises to revolutionize transport.

After years of development and sometimes very optimistic promises, the Hyperloop has finally reached a major milestone. Virgin Hyperloop, one of the companies pioneering the ultra-fast train reaching 1,000 km / h, has just completed the very first test with passengers. This took place on the 500-meter test track that the company has been operating since 2017, located in Nevada’s desert (United States).

        The first two passengers on a Hyperloop. © Virgin Hyperloop

Two people, Josh Giegel, CTO, and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop, and Sara Luchian, director of the passenger experience, took their seats in a new version of the capsule dubbed XP-2. The opportunity to discover the interior design that could serve as a basis for the future commercial version, which will be able to carry 28 passengers per capsule

Commercial operation by 2030

For this test, the maximum speed reached 172 km / h. In 2017, Virgin Hyperloop set its own 387 km / h record. The company says it has conducted more than 400 empty tests with prototypes before this manned test. This demonstration aimed to prove that the security of the system has reached a decisive stage. “The XP-2 capsule demonstrates many of the safety-critical systems that will be found on a commercial Hyperloop and are equipped with a state-of-the-art control system that can detect non-nominal conditions and trigger responses quickly. ‘appropriate urgency,’ says Virgin Hyperloop in its statement.

         Spartan atmosphere aboard the Virgin Hyperloop capsule. © Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop now relies on the new testing and certification center that it will set up in West Virginia (United States). It will include a 9.6 km test track that will allow higher speeds to be targeted for testing. Virgin Hyperloop says it expects to achieve security certification by 2025 and begin commercial operations in 2030.

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