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Peru’s interim president announces his resignation after bloody protests

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Peru’s interim President, Manuel Merino, resigned today, less than a week after taking power after two people were killed and injured dozens in protests calling for his departure, which plunged the country into another political crisis.

Merino assumed the presidency on Tuesday after the opposition-dominated Congress voted to sack his predecessor Martin Vizcarra over allegations of bribery. Vizcarra denied the allegations.

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Peru again on Saturday to protest against President Manuel Merino, as his transitional government continued to defend the sudden impeachment of former President Martin Vizcarra.

Earlier, Prime Minister Inter Flores-Arouz told reporters that Congress’s ouster of Vizcarra over corruption allegations was legal, adding that Merino did not intend to heed the protesters ’demands to resign.

Vizcarra, who is popular with voters, was ousted Monday in a congressional trial over the alleged bribe-taking charges he denies.

Source: alghad tv

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