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Il transforme son corps à l’extrême pour devenir un véritable ORC

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This 41-year-old Brazilian is what we call a follower of body transformations! The man from a small town on the border between Brazil and Paraguay has not simply had almost all of his body covered in tattoos. It was intended to resemble creatures from Tolkien’s universe or from World of Warcraft.

Indeed, if you meet this man in the street at night, he may terrorize you. And for good reason, the one who is nicknamed Orc has just had warthog teeth grafted to look like Tolkien’s creatures or those from World of Warcraft.

Twenty years ago, this Brazilian made his very first tattoo. Over the years, he has gradually covered almost his entire body with tattoos to achieve 80% coverage. After this step, he turned to body modification.

Thus, the man had many piercings, but also had his ears cut to a point, his tongue split and the whites of his eyes tattooed!

To complete his transformation, Orc has just spent 450 euros to have warthog teeth fitted, which are fangs that point upwards and give it a real orc-like look.

If the forties explains that he was not inspired by anyone for his look. The man stresses that inevitably, on social networks, his eccentric look is the source of many comments. But in the majority, they are positive and encourage him to continue his metamorphosis. For her part, her mother doesn’t like her new physical appearance, her father tolerates it and his friends find it weird.

However, if Orc claims to receive a lot of positive comments on his look, he still lost his job for this reason just like the French Sylvain Helaine known under the pseudo Freaky Hoody, who had also been dismissed from his post of teacher in a nursery school.


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