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Biden aide responds to Trump’s tweets … and an urgent request

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Ron Klein, who was chosen by US President-elect Joe Biden as the White House staff, said that Trump’s tweet appeared to accept Biden winning before he later retracted it, did not affect the reality of the elections.

“What Donald Trump writes on Twitter does not determine whether Joe Biden is president. The American people did,” he added on NBC.

Klein asked the federal government to endorse the transition team’s efforts this week so that Biden’s team can receive national security briefings and respond to COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump’s tweets caused controversy and confusion over his admission that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, won the election or continued his legal campaign against the results.

Trump wrote in a tweet on “Twitter” Sunday: “He won because the elections were rigged,” which was considered by international media to acknowledge for the first time his opponent’s victory in the presidential elections that were held on the third of November, but he repeated his claims of manipulating the election result.

“He won because the elections were rigged. Observers and observers were not allowed to be present. The votes were counted by companies owned by the radical left, such as Dominion, which has a bad reputation and inferior equipment and was not considered qualified in Texas, which it won by a large margin. In addition to fake media,” Trump tweeted. The silent and much more. ”

But about an hour later, Trump tweeted, with three words to remove the media’s confusion, saying: “It’s fake. We’ll win.”

Then he followed it with another tweet: “He won only in the eyes of the fake news media. I didn’t admit anything! We have a long way to go. It was a rigged the election.”

On Saturday evening, Trump confirmed tremendous evidence of widespread fraud in counting votes in the presidential elections in several states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

He said, “There is convincing evidence of widespread fraud regarding the results of the vote, and unequivocally proving that our Republican election observers and observers were not allowed to attend the vote-counting chambers.”

The US President stressed that this “fraud” took place in “Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other states,” noting that this matter is “unconstitutional.”

By refusing to admit defeat and question the integrity of the elections, without clear evidence so far, Trump succeeded in inflaming the feelings of his supporters, who gathered in large numbers in several places in the United States.

On Freedom Square in Washington, DC, many seemed confident that Trump would continue in his post as President of the United States. However, the results indicated a great advantage for Biden, who is already preparing to enter the White House.

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