Ronaldo responds quickly to Djokovic (video)



Juventus’ top scorer Cristiano responded to the tradition of Serbian star Novak Djokovic, leader of the ATP ranking, the way in which the “Madeira missile” celebrates its goals.

And the ATP account posted on “Twitter” a video showing Novak Djokovic jumping in the air with a similar movement to Cristiano, the star of Juventus, in celebration when he scored goals and shouted “C.”

Djokovic commented on the video, wondering what “Madeira missile” thought of the jump he had made? 😂

Ronaldo replied to the Serbian giant: “It’s okay, brother.”


Djokovic, 33, is preparing to compete in the men’s tennis season’s final tournament and hopes to win the championship for the sixth time, equivalent to what Roger Federer has achieved.

The Serbian player will start his career in the final tournament, held in London from 15-22 November against Argentine Diego Schwartzman, next Monday.

While Cristiano Ronaldo (35 years old) prepares to hit the net of France for the first time in his history, and included the “roosters” team to the list of victims of his international goals, during the upcoming match between his country and his French guest, this Saturday evening, at the “Al-Nour” stadium, in the fifth round of European Football League.

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