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Queen Elizabeth II set to resign next year, royal specialist says

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After her sixty-eighth year of reign, the British sovereign, Elizabeth II, will give up her place in favor of her son, Prince Charles. Indeed, according to a royal expert, the Queen would decide to step down from power once she reaches the age of 95.

Therefore, the year 2021 could well be synonymous with big changes for the British monarchy with the resignation of Queen Elizabeth and the coronation of Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II is expected to resign next year.

As Queen Elizabeth II ruled for nearly 70 years, there are rumors that she may step down next year to hand over her crown to her son, Prince Charles.

In any case, this is what the specialist of the royal family of England, Robert Jobson, confided on the set of the program The Royal Beat, broadcast on the channel True Royalty Tv. He thus affirmed: “I still firmly believe that when the queen turns 95, she will resign ”.

A transfer of power could take place.

For Robert Jobson, author of the biography on the Prince of Wales Charles at Seventy, this theory is very plausible. In fact, Newsweek’s royal reporter Jack Royston also believes a handover may well take place.

He even said, “I think she won’t want to. But realistically, she’ll get to a point where she’s handed everything over to Charles. And how do you look your son in the eye and tell him he won’t be king? ”

Elizabeth II could resign: a smooth transition?

Therefore, for Robert Jobson and Jack Royston, there is no doubt. The British monarchy will experience great changes in 2021. And this, because of the resignation of Queen Elizabeth and the coronation of Prince Charles.

Especially since, according to Robert: “The Queen has given it a lot of thought and believes that, if she is still alive at 95, she will seriously consider handing over the reign to Charles.”

Prince Charles, soon on the throne?

Before continuing: “Her Majesty is aware of her age and wants to make sure when the time comes, that the transition from the Crown is smooth.” Thus, the 71-year-old Prince Charles could soon become the most important figure in England’s royal family.

Is Elizabeth II close to resigning?

On the other hand, it seems, according to the British daily The Mirror, that Queen Elizabeth II has no intention of resigning yet. Indeed, according to the newspaper, preparations for the celebrations for the 70 years of the sovereign’s reign have already been launched.

And the event will take place … in 2022! As a result, the Queen’s resignation would not be soon. Especially since the holiday should be “unique.” At the height of the queen’s longevity, who became the oldest living monarch in the world.

Also, the media specifies that, on this occasion, a public holiday will be declared for the British. But then, will Queen Elizabeth II resign following this event? Only the future will tell us!

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