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Members of the US President’s Guard were infected with the Coronavirus

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On Friday, American media revealed that several members of the US Secret Service, which is tasked with guarding President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden, and the White House, were infected with the Coronavirus.

The Washington Post reported that over 130 Secret Service agents had contracted the Coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 epidemic, or were in quarantine because of their contact with infected people.

According to France Press, this outbreak of the Coronavirus occurred among Secret Service agents after many of them traveled in election rallies with the current president and Republican candidate Trump, during which most of the officials and attendees were without masks.

These injuries also come after several events in the White House during the past three weeks, including a party organized on the occasion of the November 3 elections, which was also characterized because most of the attendees were without masks.

Later, several officials were informed of the “positive” results of the COVID-19 tests they underwent, including White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

The New York Times said that at least 30 Secret Service agents have been confirmed to have COVID-19 in recent weeks.

The newspaper mentioned a “continuous” outbreak among them, while about 60 others were asked to remain in quarantine.

In response to a question about these reports, Secret Service spokeswoman Julie McMurray said she would not reveal any details about COVID-19 infections for privacy and security reasons, adding that “the health and safety of our workforce are critical.”

And she added, “We are constantly testing the requirements for working during the pandemic and ensuring that we remain fully prepared and equipped to perform our missions,” according to AFP.

This is the latest wave of infection affecting members of the Secret Service since the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States.

Many Secret Service agents were earlier forced to remain in quarantine after Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last June.

The same thing happened again after a speech in July in Tampa, Florida.

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