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TRUMP: Time will tell who will occupy the president’s office

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US President Donald Trump has refrained from recognizing the results of the presidential election in which he ran with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, believing that time will reveal who will occupy the Oval Office.

Trump said, Friday evening, in his first public speech a week ago in which he spoke about the Coronavirus pandemic: “Whatever happens, God knows which administration will be there and time will reveal this to us, but this administration will not resort to closure.”.

The current data published by the media and centers concerned with monitoring the American elections show a clear victory for Biden, who has so far received 306 votes from the delegates of the 538-member electoral college, while Trump garnered, according to expectations, the support of only 232 of them, but the official results of the race did not. Announce yet.

Trump has repeatedly emphasized that he does not intend to admit his defeat before ensuring a “fair count” of votes, and his team has filed lawsuits in several pivotal states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Source: Agencies+ rt

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