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Kenyan hostility Manangui suspended for two years due to doping

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The integrity unit of the International Athletics Federation announced today, Friday, that Kenyan runner Eliaga Manangui, former world champion of the 1500-meter race, has been suspended for two years for violating doping regulations.

Manangui missed three doping tests, in violation of rules requiring athletes to report their whereabouts.

Manangui was temporarily suspended last July due to this violation, and the Integrity Unit said that the penalty would be effective “from the date of the third test in which the Kenyan runner did not report his whereabouts at the time,” which dates back to December 22.

“This decision means the cancellation of all results of the runner in all official competitions he has fought since December 22, 2019, and all that resulted from titles, money prizes, medals, and points,” the Integrity Unit added in a statement.

Manangui joins the list of Kenyan athletes who have been sanctioned in recent years, including Apple Kiprop, 2008 Olympic champion in the 1500m, Rita Gibto, former Boston and Chicago Marathon champion Jemima Sumjung, marathon champion at the 2016 Olympics.

Manangui, the 27-year-old runner, won his world title in 2017 in London and won gold at the Commonwealth Games a year later. He did not defend his world title last year in Doha due to injury.

The Integrity Unit said today that Manangui missed the first test on July 3 last year.

The runner said the reason was due to a delay in a flight carrying his bags, in which he put the keys to his house.

She added: “Due to the lack of the keys to the house, the runner went to the nearest hotel to the airport to miss the test that was scheduled in Rungai the next morning.”

The Integrity Unit said that Manangui attributed the reason for his absence from the second test on November 12, 2019, to a traffic jam that delayed his arrival at the test venue.

For the third test on December 22, 2019, the Kenyan runner for the Integrity Unit said that he was in Austria to be treated for an injury and asked the third party to inform the authorities that he would not return to Kenya in the time set for the test, but that party failed to do so.

Today’s integrity unit said Manangui accepts the punishment.

Source: Reuters

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