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How will the presidency of Joe Biden be reflected in the world of technology?

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Is the Biden administration following the same approach as the outgoing administration?

While outgoing US President Donald Trump is doing his best to question the integrity of the elections and institute lawsuits alleging fraud, experts are busy preparing their expectations for President-elect Joe Biden’s policies in several areas.

And after strategic analysts presented their predictions about Biden’s policies in the domains of domestic, foreign, economic, and social policy, others focused on the “world of technology,” which concerns everyone inside and outside America.

The Columbia Journalism Review asked whether the Biden administration would follow the same approach as the outgoing administration, which it said was “anti-tech.”

“Will the Biden administration continues to review Article 230 of the Communications Etiquette Act, which protects digital platforms from liability for user-posted content? Will it continue to pressure giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon? Will it fight back,” said the magazine, published by Columbia University’s School of Journalism. To pass competition rules?

Biden previously criticized Article 230 last year, saying that social platforms spread misleading information and face no penalties for that.

“Article 230 must be canceled immediately,” he said, adding that “Facebook and other platforms spread lies.”

On the other hand, experts expect to continue the case filed by the Ministry of Justice against Google after Biden took office.

The Justice Department is suing Google for antitrust, which alleges that the giant company has engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

Earlier, a Biden campaign spokesperson told the New York Times that “many tech giants and their executives not only misused their power, but they also misled the American people, damaged our democracy and evaded responsibility.”

Despite all this, the magazine says that there are signs of “some friendly relations between the Biden administration and the technology industry,” as Democrat Biden had previously appointed senior officials who worked for Facebook, Google, and Apple as part of his campaign team.

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