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A new deadline of 15 days for the application of TikTok in the United States

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The US administration has granted an additional 15 days to the Chinese company that owns the TikTok application to restructure its activities in the United States, which temporarily takes away the specter of a ban.

According to a document issued by the judiciary, published Friday, that “ByteDance,” the parent company that owns the application of “TikTok,” has until November 27 to agree to sell its assets, with American companies to put aside accusations of spying for China, directed by the Donald Trump administration.

The US President signed a decree on August 14, forcing “BiteDance” to sell its US activities within 90 days because it poses a threat to “US national security.”

With the deadline expiring Thursday, the government committee in charge of foreign investments granted an additional deadline Thursday evening for this viral platform with over one hundred million users in the United States alone.

The “Tik Tok” Tuesday submitted a request to a court in Washington to prevent the entry into force of the decree and demanded 30 days.

And at the end of September, ByteDance and TikTok offered to establish a new company that includes the American “Oracle” group of informatics as a technology partner in the United States and the giant “Walmart” group as a trading partner.

The project appears to suit the US administration, but the company is still awaiting approval.

The new deadline came to be added to a decision issued by the Ministry of Trade on Thursday, which allowed the application to evade another decree that was threatening it with a ban.

The ministry respected a decision issued by the Pennsylvania Federal Court, which on October 30th, suspended the application of a decree after it was reported to by three parties that provide contents for the application of “TikTok.”

The Trump administration, through the Department of Justice, had appealed the ruling.

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