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French traders demand the end of Black Friday

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Due to the lockdown, hit by the lockdowns, four federations of downtown stores and malls have called on the government to restrict online sales “to only basic items” and ban “Black Friday.”

The reason? Well, French traders notably accuse trading platforms, such as Amazon and Ali Baba, of unfair competition on the Internet.

Merchants demand the end of Black Friday.

Source: Francetvinfo

Because of the confinement in France, nearly 200,000 stores had to close their doors. As for the government, it has remained deaf to their requests for reopening.

Consequently, in a column published on November 8, four federations of downtown stores and shopping centers warned: “of the great danger in which commerce is in France.”

  • Restrict online sales.

Thus, they ask the government to restrict online sales “to only necessities.” At the same time, the authors of the petition would like to reopen “non-essential” businesses from November 12. And that’s not all! French traders are also calling for the elimination of Black Friday.

Abolition of Black Friday: Traders denounce inequality.

Indeed, in the gallery, the Confederation of traders of France (CDF), the French Federation of associations of traders (FFAC), the National Federation of city centers “Vitrines de France” (FNCV) and the National Council of shopping centers (CNCC), denounce the unequal treatment between physical commerce and online merchants.

We can read: “The measures taken to curb the spread of the virus only increase the scandalous pre-existing inequality of treatment between physical merchants and web merchants, at the risk of the former and for the exclusive benefit of the latter.”

  • For a moratorium “on all new warehouse projects.”

Likewise, organizations agree that shutting down so-called “non-essential” businesses puts e-commerce platforms at a dangerous advantage. In this case, Amazon and Alibaba. The latter “now redouble their propaganda to attract customers, our customers.” And this, as we approach the Black Friday sales period, at the end of November, and Christmas.

Also, the signatories call for “the end of the existing structural inequity between the community of French merchants and 100% web merchants”, with “the establishment of a moratorium on all new warehouse projects.”

Government defends Amazon.

In the face of propaganda, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, reacted. He warns that a reopening “can only be considered with new health rules.” However, he cites a possible increase in the reception level or access to shops by appointment.

On the other hand, he believes that “Taking Amazon as a scapegoat is not the solution. This player only represents 20% of online commerce in France ”.

But to encourage the digitization of small local businesses, the government intends to list existing solutions on the site.

  • The aid of 500 euros.

Then, “each business that is administratively closed – and which has not yet been digitized – will be able to benefit from the aid of 500 euros to do so”, indicates Bruno Le Maire.

Before adding that, the state plans to help financially: “municipalities wishing to develop a local e-commerce platform bringing together all the businesses in their city.”

But then, a question remains unanswered. Will merchants’ request for the elimination of Black Friday be taken into consideration? For now, nothing is certain yet!


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