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A protest against widespread corruption … an Egyptian citizen sets himself on fire

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An Egyptian citizen named Mohamed Hosni set himself on fire inside Tahrir Square, due to what he said was “chasing the Interior Ministry and fabricating cases for him, in response to a corruption revelation of senior officials and businessmen in the state.”

Activists circulated a video clip, published by Muhammad Hosni through the short story service on Facebook, which narrates the injustice he is subjected to in the country, explaining that security has caused the displacement of his family, and they are now trying to imprison him because of car payments.

Hosni said that he was subjected to arbitrary dismissal from the bank in which he worked after he went to the Ministry of Defense after the revolution with corruption papers for a number of former ministers and businessmen, and according to what he mentioned in the clip, he was dismissed because of the bank manager who was a member of the policies committee of the dissolved National Party.

The citizen explained that the National Security Forces (formerly State Security) had arrested him and took him to the Qasr al-Nil section, and he remained there for 29 days, and charged him to pay a fine estimated at 15 thousand pounds, which he could not pay until now.

The security forces tried to arrest him, but he threatened to set fire to him after he poured petrol on his body, and started repeating, “O our country, hospice, keep you a little thief … Your ruler is a thief … God suffices and yes, the agent.” Then he set himself on fire.

Hosni had written several messages in the stories of his Facebook account hours before the incident, in which he said, “Oh, the people of Egypt, if you do not get angry, then wait for God’s wrath and punishment … be angry for your religion, for your blood, for your honor, for your dignity.”

He also published another picture in which he wrote: “The first and last will, when I die, do not abandon me and do not deprive me of the invitations. The world has become frightening, and death does not ask anyone … O Lord, grant us a good end.”

Source: Sanad Service

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