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Maradona narrowly escapes…After a brain hemorrhage


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Doctor Diego Maradona told reporters that the Argentine soccer legend left the hospital on Wednesday and moved to a rehabilitation center for treatment for alcohol addiction.

Maradona, the “icon” of Naples, Italy, and the former Argentine Boca Juniors, underwent emergency surgery last Tuesday, to treat a blood clot on the brain.

The Argentine was in the hospital for longer than expected for withdrawal symptoms because of his sudden alcohol withdrawal.

Maradona, a 60-year-old doctor, added to reporters that the latter finally left the hospital on Wednesday evening, in an ambulance accompanied by his family members.

The doctor added that Maradona went directly to a rehabilitation center in the capital’s north, Buenos Aires, where he would spend a period recovering from his alcohol problems.

“We always need to take care of Maradona, especially now,” said Maradona’s personal physician, Leopoldo Luque.

Maradona’s lawyer said earlier that he is in good health and ready to fight the disease.

“Diego wants to undergo rehabilitation, and he is very tough,” lawyer Matthias Morla told reporters.

Maradona’s hospitalization was the latest in a series of health problems for the controversial star who won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986 in Mexico and is one of the best players of all time.

“Diego probably went through the most difficult moment in his life and I think this brain hemorrhage was miraculously discovered because it would have cost him his life,” Morla said.

Source: Reuters+ rt

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