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Hearing impairment is evidence of these diseases

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Hearing impairment is one of the health conditions that affect the ear, according to several factors, most notably aging, heredity, and congenital defects, but the British Express newspaper revealed that hearing impairment, especially in the early stages of life, can be evidence of the following diseases:

Diseases that cause hearing impairment:

Diabetes: High blood sugar levels affect the supply of the small nerves and blood vessels to the ear, causing hearing damage, and uncontrolled diabetes contributes to progressive hearing loss and weakness.

Dementia: Hearing impairment shows dementia.

Heart disease: Doctors have confirmed that the capillaries that supply blood to the inner ear are sensitive to blood flow disorders that may be associated with high cholesterol in the blood and therefore hearing impairment is associated with heart disease.

Meniere’s disease: It is a disease that occurs for changes in fluid pressure in the inner ear, and its symptoms include dizziness, nausea, balance disorders, hearing loss, and tinnitus, thus causing hearing impairment.

Causes of hearing loss:

Heredity where the hearing loss is an inherited genetic defect.

Obesity and significant weight gain is a major cause of hearing loss.

Occupational noise that means working in occupations and jobs with loud devices such as factories and farms.

Exposure to noise in wars or amusement parks can cause hearing impairment.

Some medications, like antibiotics, can cause hearing impairment.

A gradual build-up of wax in the ear.

Damage to the eardrum, either from sounds or accidents.

Note: Before undertaking or following this treatment or method, please consult a medical professional.

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