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Sports director of Paris Saint-Germain. It is possible to include Cristiano Ronaldo

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Brazilian Leonardo, sporting director of French football club Paris Saint-Germain, said that the club is preparing for the transfer market and has priorities. Still, unexpected things may happen.

“Maybe Cristiano wakes up tomorrow and announces his desire to move to another club,” Leonardo said in statements on his club, Paris Saint-Germain.

“Who can buy Ronaldo? The circuit is closed, and Paris Saint-Germain is inside this circuit,” the sports director of Saint-Germain asked.

He continued: “We must prepare for the transfer market, and this is what we do. Of course, we have priorities, but unexpected things may happen.”

He pointed out, “Last year we lost from 15 to 20% of the club’s revenues, and the percentage will increase this season, but BSG has the ability and means to overcome this crisis, while other clubs may face greater difficulties in overcoming the problem. The ambitions here are great.”.

It is noteworthy that previous press reports had confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo, 35, wanted to join the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain before the Corona pandemic. The current financial situation of the clubs was what prevented the completion of the deal.

Source: Agencies

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