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Trump announces sacking of defense secretary: his duties have ended

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On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced the dismissal of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, saying he had appointed Christopher Miller, director of the Center for Counterterrorism, to perform his acting duties.

Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “I am pleased to announce that Christoph Miller, who is highly respected and was approved unanimously by the Senate earlier, will be the acting secretary of defense, and the effect of this decision takes effect immediately.”

Trump added, “Chris will do a great job!” Then he said that Esper had finished his duties, “and I would like to thank him for the service he has performed.”

US media reported that Esper had prepared his resignation from the Trump administration, which is seventy days away from handing over power to the Democratic President-elect, Joe Biden.

And last June, Esper had angered President Trump when he openly opposed any resort to what is known as the “Insurgency Pact,” a law dating back to 1807 to deal with ethnic protests.

Esper said at the time that he rejects the use of the army in law enforcement missions, stressing that resorting to the military institution must take place within the framework of urgent necessity and the critical situation and not in the face of the protests that were sweeping the streets and led to a state of chaos.

When the White House spokeswoman, Kelly McKinney, was asked at the time whether Esper’s position had bothered Trump, she explained that the Secretary of Defense still enjoys the president’s trust. If something comes up about him, it will be announced promptly.

Trump’s impeachment comes as he continues to question the results of the elections that Biden won by a comfortable margin. Still, the Republican president says that fraud has been marred by stressing his resort to the judiciary to do justice.

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