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The 10 most dangerous tribes in the world

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Did you know that humans are part of the main banquet of native tribes in a few places around the world? There are even tribes that eat those who are just unlucky enough to get sick!

Today you will learn about the most formidable tribes that exist and discovered, their rituals, what they do, what they eat, and much more. Here are the 10 most dangerous tribes in the world.

The fearsome tribe of Korowai!

Source: authentic-Indonesia

“Cannibalism is one of the most obvious manifestations of tenderness,” declared Salvador Dali. Indeed, and even if they are less numerous than at the time of the famous Spanish painter, cannibals still represent three million of the world’s population today.

Far from Western customs, the Anthropofag made many headlines and even crystallized a particular concern in certain world regions.

An enormous tribe.

The Korowai tribe is located in the southeast of Papua New Guinea, and they live above trees. Koreans practice cannibalism as a form of ritual to protect themselves from a demon called Khakhua.

In fact, according to their book culture, when a person gets sick, it is caused by a demon, by the devil, they are cheated. To put an end to disease, or to be more precise, to get rid of the demon Khakhua, the villagers throw the sick person and his property on fire.

Wonderful! It is very radical as a method of healing!

According to them, this process will burn out all the evil that is in and around it. Burned to death, they eat the remaining organs, but not the bones.

Source: express

Indeed, they don’t like to eat bones, maybe because they are hard, who knows! But if the person was sick, won’t those who eat their organs get the same disease? It doesn’t make much sense.

But that doesn’t factor into their belief. According to them, by burning the person and then eating him as a banquet, the Korowans defeat the demon and protect all the other villagers.

For information, this dangerous tribe still exists, and it is totally isolated. The white man is seen there as a white demon. No need to tell you what happens to a white man if they see him. Even if he’s not sick, he ends up dying! Demons, Korowais do not like them; they set them on fire!

The dangerous Asmat tribe.

Source: guardian

Our next tribe is called Asmat and is also located in New Guinea. Asmat means “human beings,” not by which the tribe refers to itself, and they call foreigners “mandate.”

That is to say “those that we can consume” … Brrrrr not very reassuring all that! Regardless, it is estimated that this tribe has approximately 70,000 members.

It’s really a lot of people. But despite its sheer number of individuals, very little is known about the traditions and rituals of these indigenous people. Yet, according to some studies and research, the Asmat people are not very peaceful.

The bad fate of their enemies

He was known to kill his enemies in ruthless ways. The Asmat chopped off the heads of their opponents and ate them during rituals. According to his studies, the Asmat drank urine mixed with blood and forced their enemies into homosexual intercourse.

Source: westpapuaupdate

And that, to show that they were the strongest. There is a theory that this tribe killed and ate Michael Rockefeller, one of the heirs to one of the richest and most powerful families in America. Michael got lost at sea, according to an investigation.

His boat would have sunk, and he would have ended up in the middle of the Asmat who would have, according to their habits, brutally killed and eaten. So? According to you, was it the Asmat who killed him or the Korowais? Unless it’s just the sharks …

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