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Stunning hair accessories for fall 2020

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What do you think about adorning your hair in the fall of 2020 with beautiful hair accessories? Despite the Coronavirus and the inevitable home stone because of it, make the fall of 2020 the season for explosions of models and trends. Some models that we will tell you about are great. According to hairdressing experts, this year is about the return of 1970s models in terms of bands, scarves, and barrettes. In recent months, we have also seen the emergence of arches and flowers. So autumn is going to be full of hair accessories. Here are our picks of hair accessories trends:

Hair accessories: mesh veil

Autumn 2020 hair accessories







The black veil that models Elie Saab wore this season was very simple and very delicate. Made of completely transparent black mesh with few bizarre black polka dots. The veil was not easily noticeable even though the models’ faces were covered.

In addition to the international Lebanese designer, a large number of other designers have designed models that the models have shown on the catwalk in the hijab, including Giambattista Valli, Watching, Carolina Herrera, Christopher John Rogers, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, and Gambetta Valley.

Hairpins and decorative pins

Autumn 2020 hair accessories

Hairpins are great for adding a touch of shine to hair in a fun, youthful, not childish way. As for the fall 2020 hair accessory trends, most of the hairpins we’ve seen have had floral designs (like the Fall 2020 hats), perhaps as a sign of longing for spring.

The brooches on Miu Miu look like large tropical flowers and are even placed directly above the ear. It was in non-pink colors, like black with metallic details. Tom Ford’s floral hairpins had a tropical touch. It is placed slightly higher than the Miu Miu, above the front and above the left ear. The leaves were made of colored feathers to look metallic, so from afar, they appear to be made of gold.

Fashionable accessories with flowers

Autumn 2020 hair accessories

Hair accessories are expected to be a trend in the Fall and Winter 2021 seasons. As it will be present on casual trips, especially in the form of roses and hair ties. Rose headdresses will be the most noticeable in these two seasons. So, we chose the most vibrant colors in the two warm seasons, to coordinate them with your tresses softly. This accessory is the easiest, and may not require a hairdresser. It is enough to put a comb with flowers on the locks to reveal a beautiful model. You can even pick up a rose from the home garden and put it on the hair to liven up your look. Bulky roses with messy hairdos might be the next trend.

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