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Do not eat these foods when you are infected with the Coronavirus

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Russian doctor Philip Kuzmenko said that people infected with the Coronavirus should limit the number of salty foods in their diet and drink less alcohol.
Maintaining the correct balance between water and salt in the body is an obligatory part of treatment for patients with Coronavirus. Kuzmenko recalls that doctors monitor this in hospitals, but at home, people should carefully choose what to eat and drink during illness. According to him, the diet should not include salty foods and alcohol, according to the agency “Sputnik”

Foods to be careful not to eat when you are infected with the Coronavirus

He said, “If you get Covid disease, you need to maintain a balance of water and salt.” It should avoid salty foods. You shouldn’t eat a lot of salted fish, pickled cucumbers, etc., instead, drink more water. Also, and this is most important, limit your alcohol intake, as it contributes to dehydration.
Along with dehydration, salty foods increase blood density, which is detrimental to the existence of the Coronavirus.

Foods to be careful not to eat when you are infected with the Coronavirus

He pointed out: “Salty food does not help your blood to become liquid. Salty foods help it become thicker and more saturated. The salt draws the liquid component into the tissues, and in the vessels themselves, a thickening occurs. There is a less liquid part, but more blood cells, and this can indirectly affect if a person is sick with the Coronavirus.

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