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President Trump’s first comment on Biden’s victory

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On Saturday, US President Donald said that the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, “is rushing to fake himself” as the winner in the elections after Biden won the presidential race towards the White House.

Trump added in a statement that his campaign would file a lawsuit in court next Monday to object to the election results that showed Biden winning in Pennsylvania, which would give him the keys to entry into the White House.

The US President, who left the White House shortly before announcing Biden’s victory in the presidential race, said, “The elections have not been decided yet,” adding that Biden “is in a hurry to announce his victory falsely.”

And Trump continued in the statement: “We all know why Joe Biden was so quick to declare his victory falsely, and why the media allied with him are trying to help him so strongly: They do not want to reveal the truth.”

He continued, “But the truth … is that these elections have not been decided yet.” Trump has repeatedly made unfounded accusations of fraud in the US presidential election.

President Trump and his campaign insist that there is a fraud, and a number of his supporters demonstrated in several states, especially Florida, denouncing the vote-rigging.

Elaine Weintraub, an official with the Federal Election Commission, announced no evidence indicating fraud in Saturday’s presidential election, in which Trump and Biden contested.

“We have government and local officials and poll workers across the country to provide us with reports promptly,” Weintraub said in a statement to “CNN” of America.

“There were very few complaints about how these elections were conducted. There is no evidence of any fraud in the vote. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast.”

“There was no evidence of fraud. None of the complaints attached any evidence of fraud,” Weintraub emphasized.

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