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Biden: I will be the president of all Americans

He posted it in a tweet to the people of the United States on Twitter

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who was announced by US media as his victory in the presidential election, has reigned as “President of All American.”Biden said, in a statement directed to the American people posted on Twitter. I am honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country, “The United States”…

He added, “The work ahead will be difficult, but I promise you I will be the president of all Americans, whether you vote for me.”

He pointed out that “the votes he got recorded, and prove that democracy is still beating in the heart of the United States, despite unprecedented obstacles.”

“With the campaign over, it is time to leave the raging rage and rhetoric behind us, and unite as a nation,” he said.

Earlier Saturday, US media announced that Joe Biden had won the race to the White House, at the expense of Republican President Donald Trump, who refused to admit defeat, as confirmed by his election campaign.

Trump did not acknowledge his defeat to Biden, promising unspecified judicial appeals, seeking to change the outcome of the race to the White House.

He said in a statement: “Our campaign will start presenting our case in court to ensure full compliance with election laws and the real winner is set.”

Trump claimed that widespread fraud and irregularities marred the election.

Source: Agencies

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