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The discovery of the “Our Lady of Petiko” structure in Germany dates back over 5,000 years

The woman was buried during the Neolithic period (John MacDougall / AFP)

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Research has concluded that the skeleton of Lady Petiko, I discovered whose bones last May, while working in Petiko, in the state of Brandenburg near Berlin, likely lived between 3400 and 3300 BC, and this woman likely died in the 1950s the last century. Her age. He lives with Etsy Ice Man. found a man whose mummy was in 1991 in an icy mountainous area on the border between Italy and Austria

“We can compare Etsy to Lady Petiko in terms of age,” said archaeologist Philip Ruskowschensky. “However, the discovery of Tizinuch’s man, meaning (Utsi), was much more important in terms of conservation status.” And he added, “It was a natural mummy, so they preserved all the bones in it, besides all kinds of organic materials, skin, organs and other parts of the body.”

And in Brandenburg, near the border with Poland, bones, and remnants of clothing were found by chance during excavation work for windmills. These remains showed that the woman was buried during the Neolithic period, over five thousand years ago, in a squatting position, one of the oldest burial positions.

The archaeologist noted that “Mrs. Petico’s bones allow a lot to be deduced. In that era, I introduced the grains into the daily diet and in commercial exchanges.”

Based on an analysis of the teeth, the scientists concluded that the diet was very high in fiber and that the foods were tough, with “some teeth eroding,” according to archaeologist Bettina Young-Klaus, who showed the jawbone.

Additional checks may be performed to find out if the woman is from or migrated to the area.

In one of the earliest traces of shaving tattoo practice, Ötzi, who was nearly a contemporaneous of “Lady Petiko” and whose body was covered with 57 tattoos, attracts around 260,000 visitors annually to the Bolzano Museum in northern Italy, where it displays a skeleton.

Source: French press

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