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This girl has an angelic face, but she has the body of a man!

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Julia Vins is a 20-year-old Russian girl. She cultivates her Barbie doll look, and like all girls, her age loves fashion and taking care of herself. Extremely feminine, she loves going to the hairdresser, getting her makeup done, getting a manicure, and going to the beautician. But there is another reason she can count on over 416,000 followers on Instagram. Julia is also a bodybuilder. The difference between her doll face and her hyper muscular body fascinates Internet users.

Her angelic face makes you want to protect her.
All men who meet Julia or see a photo of her face want to protect her for the first time. Her doll face makes her look fragile and tender. Once Julia strips down, squeezes her biceps, and shows her legs, that’s another story.

It was at 15 that Julia discovered bodybuilding. The first time she stepped into a gym, she just wanted to improve her fitness. Five years later, she lifts bars equipped with weights of 190 kg and participates in bodybuilding competitions. She had also crowned a world bodybuilding champion in 2014.


The body of the one who calls herself Muscle Barbie is not to everyone’s liking. But for Julia’s muscle, protein, and workouts are her life. Whether or not men watch her is not important to her since she has been in a relationship and has been happy with her boyfriend for four years. What Julia Vins hopes to convey through her notoriety is her determination and, above all, the image of a strong woman. She wants to change attitudes in Russia, a country where women’s role is still too traditional, often associated with that of a housewife who takes care of her man.



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