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Suffer from the iPhone battery drain, here is the solution.

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Despite the updates made by “Apple” in its latest release of the “IOS 14” system, battery problems and lack of charge still accompany users, especially in the iPhone Max Pro devices with large batteries.If you want to extend the battery life on iPhones, you can turn on Low-Power Mode, as it reduces power consumption by minimizing or disabling some settings and features, such as application updates, new TV program downloads, podcast episodes, mail fetching, and some visual effects. But also, there are some measures that can be taken to reduce the energy consumption of iPhones and make the battery power last longer.

According to applications.

iPhone can see an overview of battery level and activity for the past 24, up to the last 10 days. This is to reduce battery consumption. This can be accessed by going to Settings and then Battery. Also, when pressing one column on the screen, it is possible to know the applications that caused the use of the battery during that time period, and the percentage of each application’s use of the battery. By doing this, you can stop apps that drain your battery.

Screen light

Using the phone at high brightness drains the battery of the iPhone, which is running on the “IOS 14” system. Reducing screen brightness, either from the Control Center screen, or going to Settings, then Display and Brightness make a tangible difference in increasing the battery life. But if you have an iPhone with OLED screens, switching to dark mode is another effective way to save energy.

Ambient lighting

The iPhone can use the ambient light detector, to see if the phone is facing down on a specific surface, or in a pocket, etc. This will not light the screen when the phone receives a notification. This saves battery life and has a big positive effect on providing the phone with power. If your iPhone is running “iOS 14”, you can also disable the “Raise to Wake” feature, by going to Settings> Display and Brightness. This again helps to keep the screen off when you are not already using your phone.

Poor cellular signals

If a cellular signal fails or because you are in a place where the signal cannot reach, the iPhone operating system “iOS 14” searches for a sell signal. This is a huge drain on the battery and puts a heavy load on it. But there is something you can do to avoid wasting the battery. It is by placing your phone in airplane mode. Or keep a charger when you’re in a weak signal area.

Source: Al Joumhouria

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