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Mourinho: Kane got a penalty? Look at Manchester United and Liverpool.

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Mourinho continues to attack the media for Harry Kane after he did it for Gareth Bale.

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho responded sharply to reporters about the question about Harry Kane’s intelligence in getting a penalty against Brighton.

Tottenham beat Brighton in the last round with two goals to one goal in a match in which there was a lot of controversy over a penalty awarded by the referee in favor of Harry Kane.

Jose Mourinho said Harry Kane was not “smart” in winning a penalty kick against Brighton, but that the Brighton player had made a mistake and so the game counted.


He added: “You could talk about some Manchester United players, some Manchester City players, some Liverpool players and some Chelsea players in terms of intelligence in getting penalty kicks, but are you talking about Kane?”

He continued: “He could control the ball and came to Lallana and did a reckless act and made a mistake. It was a genuine mistake that cannot be overlooked. What is the media talking about? It is a mistake.”

And he added: “It is not the case to be smart and there is no need for intelligence in a position like this in the first place, Harry Kane is there to score goals and therefore enters the penalty area, Lallana was reckless and made a mistake. What are you talking about?”

They report it that Mourinho attacked the media for Gareth Bale last week and said after the Welsh star scored his first goal with Tottenham that he wanted to see what the Spanish newspapers would write about the event.

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