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Twitter and Facebook impose strict restrictions on claims of early win

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Twitter and Facebook imposed strict restrictions on claims of victory, whether from Joe Biden or those issued by Donald Trump, as the two platforms added warnings to the messages published by the two parties.

Donald Trump’s allegations that his opponents are “trying to steal the election” have been masked and categorized as containing “inappropriate content by Twitter.”

Supporters of Trump said the move was part of “a campaign to censor and silence the president.”

And both networks have also suspended a bunch of accounts promoting misinformation – many of them recently created.

As for Facebook, he said that it issued warnings to the two candidates against the background of the votes that are still in the counting stage, which the company said were automatically added to the Biden and Trump accounts.
But after Trump turned to television to announce his victory, Facebook said that it had activated its feature of placing notifications at the top of the schedules of all American users, explaining that the elections had not been decided yet.

He added, “When President Trump started making premature winning claims, we started publishing notifications on Facebook and Instagram that the electoral votes are still in the process of being counted and the name of the winner cannot be predicted.”

Twitter said it had classified Trump’s tweet about the election stating that it was “stolen” as a breach of integrity policy. However, the network appears to be tolerating some winning claims, despite its warning that it will not.

And Trump’s tweet, which he published earlier, in which he said that he had achieved a “big victory,” was left unchanged, as is the case with Biden’s tweet, whose words were carefully chosen and said, “We think we are on the way to winning the elections.”

No other tweet by Biden during the election results night has been classified so far.

The crackdown comes after months of preparations for a disputed election, during which social media companies have resorted to adjusting their policies to deal with false claims of winning and spreading false information about the results.

Regardless of the two candidates, there is a widespread campaign to counter misinformation circulating online.

Twitter and Facebook said they had suspended a group of recently created accounts regarding polling day, many of which had posted information related to voting.

Google’s YouTube platform also shut down live broadcasts from several different accounts that it claimed was broadcasting US election results, but included false information, according to Bloomberg.

The channel received thousands of views before it was closed.

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