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Trump campaign sues to stop vote counting in Pennsylvania

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US President Donald Trump’s propaganda campaign said it is suing to temporarily halt vote counting in Pennsylvania and has requested intervention in a Supreme Court case related to mail voting in the state that may determine the winner of the presidential election.The campaign said it would sue to prevent Democratic state officials from “hiding” the vote count from Republican observers.

The results in Pennsylvania and the US elections are still very close between Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that he is convinced of winning the US presidential elections in the face of his opponent Trump, and called for “all votes” to be counted, while the US President launched a judicial battle to stop the count in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Biden said in a statement from his stronghold in Wilmington, Delaware, that Americans “will not be silenced.”

Former Vice President Barack Obama confirmed that ” we are going to win enough states to get 270 votes”, the number needed to reach the White House. He added, When the count is over, we think we will be the winners.

Source: Sky News Arabia

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