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Officially, the United States withdraws from the Paris climate agreement

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Today, Wednesday, the United States formally withdrew from the Paris Agreement, which is the first international agreement to combat climate change in the world.The controversial decision, announced by President Donald Trump years ago, will take effect from Wednesday, bringing the number of countries to 189.Six other countries signed the agreement in 2015, also known as “COP21,” but they haven’t formally joined it yet.

The United States is the second-largest country in the world, after China, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, and Trump’s rival in the race, Joe Biden, had previously expressed support for the Paris Agreement.

The agreement aims to limit global warming to just two degrees on the Richter scale, and signatory countries pledge to make efforts to bring this rate down below the 1.5-point threshold.

The objectives of the agreement are reviewed every five years.

Source: Agencies + Arabic. rt

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