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2020 US election results: why don’t we know the winner yet?

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You might have expected that there will now be indicators that determine the outcome of the US presidential election.

Who will be the next US president?

We don’t know, because there haven’t yet been enough votes for Donald Trump or Joe Biden for either of them to declare victory.

Given the time it takes to count the huge number of mailed votes cast during these elections clouded by the Corona epidemic, it may in fact take days to announce the result.
If there are legal challenges to the results, it could take weeks. And things may get complicated.

Isn’t there even a hint?

To become president, you don’t need to win the popular vote. Instead, the candidate must win a majority in a system known as the Electoral College, in which each state obtains a certain number of votes or “electors” roughly proportional to its population.

So if she does win this state, she wins, (except for Nebraska and Maine, which is complicated).

The total number of electoral college votes is 538, and the winner must obtain 270 of them to become president.

Therefore, despite the high turnout this time, voters in a few major states will decide the outcome of the election.

Until now:

Biden and Trump are expected to win the states they were comfortably expected to win
The two contestants are still very close in a few crucial competitive states
In some of these highly converging states, officials have yet to count the votes in the mail, and that could change everything.

Pics Trump and Biden over the years

Could Trump refuse to accept defeat in the presidential election?
Let’s take a look at some of these cases.

Florida: Donald Trump is expected to win, as there are many indications of Cuban-Americans support in Miami-Dade County.

Arizona: The state hasn’t voted Democrats since 1996, but it appears to be a potential asset to Biden, who has sought to win the votes of the young, progressive Latins who live there.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania: These two states have not yet started counting the votes received in the mail, and this may take days.

But what happened during the night in one line?

Donald Trump is doing better than expected, as for Joe Biden, he did not succeed in winning those states in which the battle is taking place, which are quickly counting votes, and this means more confusion and uncertainty awaiting the results of a few major states.

What did they say?

“We’re on the road to victory,” Joe Biden addressed his supporters but urged them to be patient.

Donald Trump said in a tweet afterwards, “We have outdone too much, but they are trying to steal the election.” Twitter indicated that the tweet may be misleading. The Trump campaign said this was censorship.

Important moments:

There were some important moments, but most of them are in the other elections taking place, as control of the Senate remains unresolved:

Trump’s ally, Lindsay Graham, is expected to beat Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison in South Carolina, a race that at one point looked like he might lose.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Green, the first supporter of the KYO Nanan conspiracy theory group, won a seat in Congress, without challenge.

And in the race to win control of the Senate, the Democrats lost Alabama, their most vulnerable seat, but they got Colorado from the Republicans.

Arizona and New Jersey voted to legalize marijuana for personal use.

The United States became the most officially elected transgender person after Sarah McBride was elected to a seat in the Delaware legislature.

What is the situation now?

We may not know for days. This appears to be the most likely scenario because this battle will turn into mailed votes, which have yet to be counted in places like Michigan, Wisconsinafterwardis, and Pennsylvania.

Lawyers can step in. Donald Trump has previously said he would file legal appeals if the outcome was close. This means that it will likely take weeks for the result to be announced.

But will uncertainty lead to unrest? There will certainly be confusion, and although several Americans have spoken of concerns, it is too early to say that there will be major unrest.,

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