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Unprecedented turnout and stunning numbers in the Florida vote

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On the eve of the polls closed and with early voting stopping, the scene seemed calmer except for the movement of candidates, as Florida witnessed a huge voter turnout, and the Democrats had slightly advanced in early voting and mail voting.

Over 62% of the state’s electors cast their ballots until early voting ceased.
Final pre-election numbers released by the state election department today show 8.97 million ballots by mail and in person, and that number roughly matches the total of 9.5 million votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

39% of the vote was from Democrats, 38% from Republicans, and 21.5% from independent voters not affiliated with either party. The rest was the votes of voters belonging to small political parties.

So, so far, 66.2% of all registered Democrats voted in Florida constituencies, and 65.8% of registered Republicans and 51.5% of non-party voters.

Three million voted last week in Florida, and there are more than a million votes in Miami County alone, and this number means 64% of all voters in the county. It is a historic number that we have not seen before.

Early voting was good and quiet. There are enthusiasm and energy on both sides, right up to the end of the electoral process. Any votes arriving in the mail after 7 PM tomorrow won’t be counted.

Sunday was the last day for an early vote in South Florida, and both sides pressed hard for their supporters to vote early. While several Florida representatives in Congress continue their rounds between the provinces.

At a press conference in front of the electoral process control center in Miami, some of them talked about the need to vote on the last day and assured Americans that the votes of the mail would be fully counted and there is no room for manipulation.

Reactions are still going on about President Donald Trump’s rally, which lasted last night until about one in the morning, despite the midnight curfew in Miami County, which records the highest rate of coronavirus infection per day, with over 900 infections today in Miami. While the entire state has recorded 4,865 injuries. Several Trump supporters went out without masks to meet with their president, and local media criticized Trump’s move.

Oscar Brennon, a senator from Florida, which includes Opa Luka county, which is mostly black, said the result would be in favor of his Democratic party, in favor of Biden and Harris. He noted that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected black communities and that what Trump did to rally people in Opa Luka last night without regard to wearing masks and social distancing is negligence, and it is killing us.” This is one reason I support Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. not: They do something stupid. ”

He emphasized that the numbers would be close: “I will ignore the poll numbers and say that the results have always been close. We have a sharp division in America now. One reason that pushes me to support Joe Biden is that I feel he will bring us together. I think Biden will win.”

Regarding his expectations of tensions, he said: “I expect there will be some tension, but our role as representatives in Congress is to reduce tension in this transitional stage. I do not know Trump’s intentions if he will leave the White House or not, but I know that the law forces him to do so.”

Daniela Kafa, who holds the commissioner seat in Miami and is a candidate again to continue her position, tells: “I hope that Joe Biden will win, lead us forward and save us from this dangerous epidemic and bad economic situation. They have a clear vision of what America should be, and we need it, and this time for change “.

Regarding her expectations about the possibility of the president remaining in the White House even if he loses the elections, she says: I believe in our democratic system, and we have heard from our leaders in Congress, “It is not possible to predict what this president will do, but I am confident that we will proceed peacefully. As for this state, I am sure that everything will be done calmly.” With no disturbances. ”

Until the last moments of the polls closed, the campaigning continued in the hot counties of Florida. Opinion polls were conflicting, while they divided supporters into both sides over the effectiveness of those polls.

But if we assume that everyone voted according to their party, this could mean that the two-week early voting period that ended on Sunday could be good news for the contender in the presidential race, Joe Biden, in a state considered key to winning the White House.

Source: Sky News Arabia

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