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Maradona is in hospital … and his condition “is not serious”

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Maradona is hospitalized and his condition is not serious, 
according to his private doctor

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona was hospitalized on Monday with a medical condition “not serious,” as described by his private doctor.

The private doctor Diego Maradona said that the former Argentine player had been transferred for medical examinations, stressing that the 1986 World Cup champion condition was not serious.

“The situation is not dangerous, and we did not come to the hospital because of an emergency,” Leopoldo Luque told reporters outside the clinic in La Plata, south of the capital, Buenos Aires, according to AFP.

Although Loki did not give any further details about Maradona’s condition, he said that the former star, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday, will undergo a series of medical checks.

“He is an elderly patient who suffers from a lot of stress in his life. It is a time when he needs our help. It is tough to be a Maradona,” said Loki, according to Agence France-Presse.

The doctor ruled out any relationship between Maradona’s current health status and the Coronavirus that is sweeping Argentina.

Maradona, who has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and other health problems, will be in critical condition and will suffer serious complications if he is infected with the Coronavirus, which causes the “Covid-19” epidemic.

The Argentine previously suffered from heart attacks and hepatitis, but Loki said, “Diego is fine, although he could be much better.”

“He was not in a situation that I would like to see him in. I had spoken to him previously, and I told him, ‘Let’s go to a clinic to get a little better,’ and he replied, ‘Well, let’s go.'”

The introduction of the Khmnazia Asgherima team’s current coach comes a week after he was placed in quarantine as a preventive measure, after one of his contacts showed symptoms of the Coronavirus, as revealed by local newspapers last Tuesday.

The sports newspaper “Olli” reported that one of Maradona’s bodyguards “woke up suffering from symptoms of Covid-19 and was placed in quarantine awaiting the results of the tests.”

As for the “Badini 12” newspaper, it quoted a source close to Maradona as saying, “Given suspicion and pending additional information, Maradona will remain quarantined in his home,” located in La Plata, 65 km from the capital, Buenos Aires.

On his birthday Friday, Maradona joined his players for a short period during a training session. Still, it was clear that he was having difficulty walking and needed help from those near him during the thirty minutes he spent on the field.

One of his daughters, Giannina, tweeted the next day, “My heart breaks to see him like this.”

“I didn’t go to see him that day, but the day before, he was in good health,” Loki revealed to reporters on Monday, outside the clinic in La Plata, where the Chimnazia Esgrima is based.

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