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Details of the weapons in the possession of the Vienna striker

Vienna striker
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The Austrian TV channel ORF revealed today, Tuesday, the details of the weapons were in the terrorist’s possession attacker in the center of the capital Vienna, Monday evening.

The channel quoted Austrian Interior Minister Karl Tihamer as saying that the perpetrator “was carrying a fake explosive belt, and was armed with a long-barreled firearm, a hand-held firearm, and my cattle scythe, in order to carry out this heinous crime.”

The minister also confirmed that the attacker who held dual citizenship for both Austria and North Macedonia, posted a picture on his personal file on “Instagram” before committing the attack, showing him armed.

The channel reported that the Interior Ministry in the Republic of North Macedonia is cooperating with its Austrian counterpart over the attack.

And witnessed the central neighborhoods of Vienna, on Monday evening, a series of shootings.

Austria’s advisor, Sebastian Kurz, described the incident as a terrorist act. The attack left four people dead, besides the perpetrator who was killed by the police. The security services are continuing to search for at least one person suspected of involvement in the operation.

The Austrian newspaper Kronan Zeitun reported that they arrested a suspect in the attack in Linz.

Source: Novosti + arabic. rt

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