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Biden hours before the resolution: We will restore dignity to the White House

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Biden gives his speech in Pennsylvania

On Tuesday, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden, stressed the importance of restoring what he described as “the dignity of the White House.”

Biden said, in his speech in Pennsylvania, “I visited several states and spoke about many issues,” adding, “But I am here today to talk about the importance of dignity … so that we can return it to the White House … This is one of our priorities.”

The Democratic candidate added, “The middle class needs help. I chose to run to work on solving problems that concern Americans. We will focus on creating job opportunities. I will serve the Americans, and this is an honor for me.”

In his last tweet on his official Twitter account, Biden said, “We can overcome these crises … we can restore our country … we can win the battle for the soul of the nation.”

The presidential elections began on Tuesday, with the start of the voting process in several states on the East Coast, the United States.

The voting actually began at 11:00 am GMT, when polling stations opened in five US states, including New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and Maine.

Attention turns during this cycle of the presidential elections in particular to 6 states, which is the state of Pennsylvania that is important for both parties. It has 20 votes in the electoral college, and Ohio is also one of the swing states important for candidates.

Before Election Day, nearly a hundred million Americans cast their votes in early voting, in a record number, either in person or by mail, as voters chose to vote early due to the Corona epidemic and avoid congestion.

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