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A standardized vaccine against influenza and corona in the Russian “Victor”

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The Russian “Victor” Center for Viruses and Biotechnologies has begun testing a standardized vaccine against “Covid-19” and influenza.

This was reported by the Russian “RIA Novosti” agency, citing information received from the Russian Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights (RusPotrip Nadzor).

The press office quoted the head of the “Victor” Center, Rinat Maxiotov, as saying that his center had begun to conduct scientific research on developing a unified vaccine against the two viruses at the same time, namely the influenza virus and the Coronavirus.

The head of the center stated that vaccine tests are currently being conducted on laboratory animals, without mentioning their types.

He added that the vaccine was prepared on the basis of the influenza A virus, which provokes the development of an immune response problem against influenza and the Coronavirus.

It is noteworthy that the Russian “Victor” Center for Viruses and Biotechnologies had previously launched two types of “Abi Walk Corona” vaccine to conduct its tests in the post-registration period.

It is worth noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on October 14 the registration of the second Russian vaccine against “Covid-19”, which was developed by the Russian “Victor” Center.

Source: Novosti

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