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Fencing the White House for fear of post-election violence

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Expecting post-election violence, the White House has joined businesses across the country as they report authorities to be planning to cordon off the compound with a “non-expandable” fence and National Guard.

According to US media reports, a “non-expandable” fence will be built around the entire perimeter of the White House and will be of the same type used during racial justice protests.

According to NBC News, 250 National Guard officers will be on standby.

“If there is no winner, we will deploy many officers at all levels throughout the capital,” Patrick Burke, executive director of the Washington DC Police Corporation, told CNN.

Authorities and businesses across the country are preparing for potential disruptions after Election Day, especially if there is no clear winner by November 4.

Companies around the White House have tightly closed their stores as a precaution, and the same thing happened in Francisco and New York.

Source: Forbes+arabic rt

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