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Trump warns: There will be chaos in the country and terrible things may happen

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US President Donald Trump has intensified his election campaign ahead of Election Day, calling on his supporters to take utmost care to prevent fraudulent voting results.

Trump planned to hold five gatherings on Sunday and seven for Monday, on the last full day of his election campaign.

Trump told his supporters in Pennsylvania that that state would “save the American dream,” expressing his conviction for winning the election, saying: “After three days, a big red wave will come.”

Trump called on Pennsylvania residents to be more careful and cautious during the vote than in any other state, warning: “Your decision and your future are at stake.”

He continued, “The 2016 elections were an unbelievable accident, like an earthquake, but the 2020 elections (and I did not think four years ago I would say that) and what we do now is much more important … This will be perhaps the most important election in the history of our country.”

Trump again condemned the Supreme Court ruling that prevents some states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, from starting counting the votes cast by mail before universal polling day, and allowing them to continue counting in subsequent days.

The president warned that this “horrific” decision paves the way for widespread manipulation of the voting results, saying that “a state of chaos will pervade the country, and terrible things could happen” if the election winner is not decided until the night of the voting day.

And press reports showed that there were concerns in the United States that Trump might use this as evidence to refuse to recognize the vote results if he suffered a defeat by his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Source: RT + agencies

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