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Organizational problems with early voting in New York

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The Governor of New York State criticized the Election Commission for its poor organization and the many problems that coincided with the early voting process, in which the Corona epidemic appears to have a role.
830,000 voters took part in the early voting in New York City within seven days.The early election process that New York went through for the first time was not without problems and flaws, because of poor logistics and voters standing in lines for long hours.
Although the city has allocated 88 polling stations, it did not accommodate the long queues, and the reason is the shortage of staff and the lack of voting devices, besides imposing conditions for physical distancing because of the Corona pandemicGov. Andrew Cuomo did not hesitate to criticize the Election Commission, which he said had blown up the early election process because of poor organization.Mayor Bill demobilize added his voice to Como, saying: they do not prepare the Election Commission for this kind of turnout.

Observers say that it almost settles the election results in New York in favor of Democrat Joe Biden because the state and the city historically vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate, but the element of surprise may happen this year.

Source: Sky News Arabia

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