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France records a sharp increase in injuries and an increase in deaths in Corona

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The French health authorities announced this evening, Sunday, that they had recorded 46,290 infections and 231 new deaths from the Coronavirus, which represents an increase for both indicators compared with the previous statistic.

The French General Administration of Health Affairs stated that the number of registered infections with the new Coronavirus “COVID-19” during the past 24 hours had reached 46,290, bringing the total number of conditions to 1413915.

This outcome comes after the index of recorded infections in France reached 47,637 in the October 29 statistics, 49,215 on October 30, and on October 31, 35,641.

The General Administration of Health Affairs also stated that the death toll from the pandemic in the country reached 37019 cases after 231 new deaths were recorded last day, compared to 235 data on October 29, 256, on October 30, and 223 on October 31.

On Friday, France entered the second general lockdown imposed by the government against the backdrop of unprecedented increases in the number of recorded infections with the Coronavirus, after this indicator significantly decreased early last summer. Still, the number of deaths daily is far from the levels it reached during the height of the outbreak. When it sometimes exceeded 1000 cases.

France is the first country in Western Europe in terms of the number of recorded infections with the virus and is the fifth globally, while it is ranked seventh in terms of the death toll from the pandemic.

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