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Attacker kills two people with a sword in Canada, Quebec

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The Canadian Police of Quebec City announced Sunday morning that it arrested last night a man suspected of killing two people and wounding 5 others with a white weapon, and demanded that residents stay in their homes.Quebec Police spokesperson Etienne Doyon told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that a suspect is a young man in his mid-twenties, confirming that they killed two people and it injured five others.

Canadian security sources told that the stabbing took place in at least four locations and that the authorities arrested the perpetrator after a two-and-and-a-half-hour chase.



The police called on the residents of the city to “stay in the homes and close the doors,” because “an investigation is still ongoing.”

And video clips circulating on the media showed a heavy security presence of police forces in the Old Quebec region and near Parliament.


Source: Sanad Service + Agencies + Aljazeera

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