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TRUMP: Biden will destroy the Supreme Court so don’t let that happen

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With just a few days left on polling day, US President Donald Trump launched an attack on his rival, Joe Biden, claiming that the latter would “destroy” the Supreme Court if elected and fill the court with “left” judges.

Trump wrote in his Twitter account: “If Sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected President, the 4 Justices (plus1) that helped make such a ridiculous win possible would be relegated to sitting on not only a heavily PACKED COURT but probably a REVOLVING COURT. At least the many new Justices will be Radical Left!

In a separate tweet, Trump said, “Biden will destroy the United States Supreme Court. Don’t let that happen.”

After the appointment of Amy Ronnie Barrett, president of the Supreme Court, earlier this week, the Conservatives have a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court. We may call her upon to decide any post-election voting issues.

Source: “Forbes”

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