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The French Foreign Minister calls on his citizens to take precautions.

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French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on his country’s citizens living abroad to exercise caution in the wake of the Nice attack, noting that there is a threat to French interests “everywhere.” “I sent a letter warning of the possibility of attacks to all our citizens abroad, wherever they are, because the threat is everywhere,” Le Drian said after a meeting of the defense counsel.

Le Drian added, “We are moving quickly from virtual hatred to actual violence, and we have decided to take all measures to ensure the security of our interests and our subjects,” explaining that instructions were given to ambassadors to “strengthen security measures” around French representations in the world, including embassies and consulates, as well as schools.

A few weeks after teacher Samuel Patti was beheaded, after showing his students cartoons showing the Prophet Muhammad as part of a class on freedom of expression, the French Foreign Minister called for extreme caution in schools’ vicinity.
Le Drian explained, “We have taken a decision not to open educational institutions until after taking the necessary measures and taking care of parents, teachers, and students,” noting that these measures are taken “in cooperation with the local authorities that generally help us.”

Since the end of last week, anti-French demonstrations and calls for a boycott of French goods in the Islamic world have increased, condemning the support of French President Emmanuel Macron for the freedom to publish the cartoons.

Also recently, the city of Nice, in southern France, witnessed a white weapon attack carried out by a young man on the Church of Notre Dame, which resulted in the killing of two women, one of whom was 60 years old and the other 40, with Brazilian citizenship, and the Holy Church who was 55 years old. The debate in Parliament over re-imposing the stone was decided by the government to combat the emerging coronavirus.

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