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Polls: Biden is at the top but Trump holds a chance to win

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Three days before voting day, public opinion polls reported that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is ahead of outgoing Republican President Donald Trump.

The polls, according to RealClearPolitics, which compiles their results, estimate the level of support for Trump and Biden among American voters at 43.5% and 51.3%, respectively.

Surveys’ assessments of the level of support for Trump range between 40 and 46%, while the level of Biden’s asset is estimated to be between 49 and 54%.

But the “Fox News” channel indicated in its poll that Trump was able in recent weeks to consolidate his positions and reduce his lag behind Biden from 10 to 8% (4

4% compared to 52% according to the last poll compared to 43% compared to 53% in early October).

FiveThirtyEight, for its part, put Biden’s chances of winning at 90%.

More than 87.7 million Americans had cast their ballots early in the elections, representing nearly 60% of the total number of voters in the country.

Despite the expectations received, ambiguity still surrounds the results of the vote, mainly since Trump had already achieved a surprise victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton four years ago, despite the predictions of most polls.

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