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Apple adds a secret button to your iPhone

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Apple hid the new "back click" feature 
in the accessibility list (Reuters)

You might not have noticed, but your iPhone got a new button last month. Of course, Apple did not sneak into your phone and covertly affix the button, but the operating system, “iOS 14” – which is the latest version of Apple – includes a feature called “Back Tap”, which adds a “button.” New for your phone blurs the line between hardware and software.

The “Back Click” feature completely transforms the back of your iPhone into a giant touch-sensitive button that you can tap 2 or 3 times to run specific functions on your phone. And there’s a good chance that you haven’t noticed it yet, as Apple has put the new feature settings in the Accessibility menu on your phone.

The purpose of the new feature is to give users more options to interact with their devices. Most “back click” options reflect this, as there are settings to open the app switcher, notification menu, or Control Center, browse an app or webpage, run “Siri” (the voice assistant), or take a screenshot.

But the “back click” feature is also linked to Apple’s highly powerful Shortcuts app, which means you can effectively get these new buttons to do almost anything you can imagine.

This makes it a wonderful type of buttons, according to the term “The Verge” concerned with technical affairs, it is completely invisible to the naked eye, and it does not work completely until it is activated through the program, but it can be assigned to open almost any task or interaction Get it or get it done on your smartphone with just a quick tap.

And the ability to customize this feature is important here, as it was easy for Apple to put a set of predefined options for the “back click” feature that focuses on making the iPhone user interface easier to access, but by opening the feature to shortcuts, the company switched the “back click” “To an unspecified creative tool, allowing users to devise their ways to take advantage of the new button on the back of their device.

The back click feature turns the back 
of your iPhone into one large button 
that can be assigned to run whatever 
commands you want (French)

It is noteworthy that Apple is not the first company to try this matter, Google has tried a similar feature, albeit limited, in the Android operating system 11, but it did not reach the last stage, and some developers have since repeated the feature for any device that works Android system.

The site notes that the “back click” feature works well as well, responding smoothly to clicks, in addition to that it distinguishes between intentional or resulting clicking on your phone. The feature was especially useful for launching the Control Center to quickly switch system settings.

The “back click” feature repurposes sensors and hardware on the iPhone and links them to software to create a new interaction of hardware that was not previously available. It is a new physical button that users can interact with, but it is almost completely free from Apple’s restrictions.

Of course, physical buttons are the most form of direct interaction. This is the reason why Samsung, for example, insists on the Bixby button in its flagship phones, and the reason why Netflix is ​​paying for a place in The remote control of the Roku device.

Although Apple may not be completely ready to forgo the physical buttons on your iPhone, the “back click” feature – which looks like a button – may be the next solution. 

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